“Abandoning the Work I Hated” is the single most eye-opening personal essay I’ve ever read. – Devs, thoughts and tremors

Markowitz’s personal essay . . . is an eye-opener.  Joyce Laine Kennedy, Chicago Tribune

Robert Markowitz serves as a poignant reminder that we should not use our life’s work to gain prestige, recognition, or approval from others — even from the ones we love. Instead, we should use it as a means to craft a joyful life. – Jessica, Studio 116

Here are just two of the 465 New York Times reader comments that “Abandoning The Work I Hated” received:

“This is one of the best pieces I’ve ever read in the Times. Bravo to you, sir. You are an inspiration.” ODB, Los Angeles

“Wow. This beautiful piece could not have come on a more appropriate day for me.” James Murray, CA