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Clown Shoes

Will Ross has a successful career as a lawyer, but his heart lies in the arts. When his acquittal of a child abuser leads to the death of a child, Will decides to abandon law  and become an entertainer for children. But after his girlfriend’s father is charged with battery,  Will must decide if he wants to go back to being a lawyer or stay true to his calling. In the novel  CLOWN SHOES, author Robert Markowitz takes readers on an emotional journey as Will seeks  redemption and forgiveness.

The story follows Will Ross as he ventures out into the world of children’s entertainment,  donning clown shoes and picking up his old guitar. Immersed in a torrid love, Will is buoyed by  Clara’s support and equally devastated she eventually leaves him for refusing to go to trial for  her father’s case. It’s only when his young guitar student is threatened that Will agrees to take up  law again. As he fights for justice for the child, and struggles to win back Clara, Will balances  the demands of love and atonement.

The novel touches on deeper themes such as forgiveness and second chances, and how we have  the ability to shape our own destinies by making brave decisions. Throughout the book,  Markowitz skillfully highlights how life is full of unexpected twists and turns – but it is  ultimately up to us how we choose to react in those moments that will define our lives.

In Clown Shoes, author Robert Markowitz creates an emotionally riveting story that explores  themes of redemption, love, second chances and what it means to follow your dreams despite  obstacles in your way. Fans of character-driven fiction will appreciate this novel’s exploration of  complex themes while being taken on an intense journey alongside its protagonist Will Ross.  Those looking for an uplifting read should add this book to their reading list!

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