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Suggestions & Feedback

I have worked with Robert as the head Children’s Librarian for 20+ years, known as Robert the Guitar Guy, Robert is one of the best children’s musicians I’ve worked with. There are many reasons that make Robert especially appealing to younger children (2-6 years old), but I will highlight his high musical performing abilities being an excellent guitarist, a strong sense of humour in his short skits/puppetries, a warm and personable approach connecting with his audience (he will always go through the troubles to learn everyone’s name) and his improvisational skills in throwing any songs tailored to the demands from the audience.

Teresa Chang

Robert was a lifeline for the children and caretakers during the worst days of the pandemic when he performed outdoors on our village green.  This was something to look forward to.  A time of connection during times of isolation and fear.  What I really appreciate about Robert is that he takes the time to get to know children by their names and their natures.  He knows how to talk to each child and has a keen sense of their needs and interests.  He even has some students who regularly bring in their guitars so that they can play alongside Robert the Guitar Guy.”

We are happy that Robert is a part of the excellent children’s programming that we offer at the library and we look forward to working with Robert in the future.

Assistant Director of the Rye Free Reading Room Public Library, Rye, NY


Catherine Riedel

Robert ‘the Guitar Guy’ Markowitz has been performing for our toddlers and preschoolers for the past eight years. He has done everything from small classes to giant New Year’s Eve parties and even wonderful zooms! Patrons have all talked about how well he engages the kids and have asked for him back every time we have to take a break. What I love about Robert’s performances are that they are interactive, he works to remember the names of the children which helps to get even the shyest child comfortable enough to participate. He adapts each class to match how the audience is feeling and can quickly change the set list if he finds the kids are really responding to certain songs. I have tons of fun at his programs and will always be dancing along with the children!

Manager of Families Services, New Canaan Library

Marie Aspinwall

The Fairchild-Nichols Memorial Library has had Mr. Markowitz as part of their programming lineup for over 15 years. Mr. Markowitz has always strived to provide a wholesome presentation for all ages, especially young children that are too young to engage in story times but attentive enough to follow directions. The musical performances are so remarkable because there is an element of spontaneity, Mr. Markowitz always manages to capture the ambience and energy of the audience in order to create a show that flows without restrictions. Parents, grandparents and their children, are extremely grateful for the effort and the extent Mr. Markowitz will go to make everyone feel welcome and included.

Branch Manager, Fairchild-Nichols Memorial Library

Paula Carlson

You involve the children totally in the make believe you create.  Your guitar work is exquisite!

Head Children’s Librarian, White Plains, NY

Rosemary Rasmussen

Create Vision - Novelist, Guitar Guy, Funster